9 Problems With Seeds and Seedlings

Seeds & Seedlings-in-tray

1 – Growing from seed problem I HAVE tried growing proteas from seed. Without exception, every germinated seed has withered and died within days of its appearance, presumably from “damping off”. What causes damping off? What factors or circumstances aggravate and contribute to the problem? What can be done prior to planting seeds in trays … Read more

A-Z of Landscaping Terms Made Simple


In this A-Z we make things simple. Whether you’re reading gardening blog posts, books about landscaping, or anything related to garden establishment and improvements, these are some of the terms you will come across. Chances are you’ll know some but not all of them. If you’d like us to add anything to the list, feel … Read more

We Help You Solve Basic Pests & Disease Problems


Some plants are more susceptible to pests and diseases than others. There is nothing more disheartening than discovering that the little buggers – whatever they are – are busy destroying any of them. It’s especially frustrating when they kill edible plants and damage ornamentals you have spent years nursing. Here are some answers to questions … Read more