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Fertilizer-applicationFertilizers & Natural Growing Aids
How and what to do with fertilizers and when to use. Get your garden to flourish.
Compost-heap-binCompost Heaps & Organic Fertilizers
What to do with all that garden and household vegetable waste – make your own compost
Shrub Planting
We post and talk all about shrubs, when and where to plant.
Q&A all the answers to your questions!
Grass Cutting
What type of grass to plant and how to maintain your lawn.
Garden Structures
Ideas of what garden structures to build and are they legal?
Let’s Make Your Garden

Let’s Make Your Garden

Let’s Make Your Garden Beautiful!



&A Few Important Questions
From Our Visitors

“Your Q & A sections are the BEST!” Comment from a happy reader.



I should like to grow coprosma (marble chips) as a hedge. So far I have been unsuccessful in growing them from slips. Do they need special growing conditions? A warm, moist, misty atmosphere? How does one achieve these conditions and would growing them in potting soil obtained from the nursery help? What is the best time to start?

Picture left: Coprosma marble chips

WHAT CAN I use to get rid of black aphids on rhubarb, Christmas cactus and gazanias, and greenfly on Chaenomeles speciosa? I use the rhubarb leaves to make a good spray for greenfly on roses and Syrian hibiscus.
I don’t like using poisons.

Picture Right: Black aphids on a leaf


Recently, one of my standard rose trees developed a droop; the buds didn’t open properly and just crooked over on their stems, and now the trees seem to have died completely.
Despite taking precautions and disinfecting secateurs, and gardening tools etc, the tree next to it now looks as if it is going the same way.
Please help!

Picture Left: Red standard rose tree

My cinerarias suffer from wilting and “moth-eaten” leaves. The stems have been eaten through. I can find no sign of any insect and dusting with powder has been to no avail. The plants eventually died.
What can I do?

Picture Right: Red Cinerarias


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Questions & Answers

Here is a list of topics covered in our Q&A section

Pests and Diseases

From aphids to worms and ants to bollworms and all in-between with the best action to take for all.

Shrubs & Creepers

From where to plant in your garden and how often do you water. Also what fertilizer and soil to use for the different types of shrubs and creepers.

All About Flowers

With so many varieties to choose from and all with different needs, you will find most of the answers here in this section.


Roses are the most well known flower type in the world. there are more than three hundred species and the cultivars are in the tens of thousands. Having said that they need regular treatment to keep arachnids, fungal pests and insect under control.


Bulbs can be very rewarding but can be a bit tricky if not done correctly. We have answers to many bulb questions here.

All About Lawns

This should be an easy category, but no, lawns can be as tricky as some of the other exotic garden plants.

Ponds, Plants, Fish, Birds & Ducks

Getting animals into your yard can be very rewarding not to mention the plants that you can grow in a pond.

Ponds, Plants, Fish, Birds & Ducks

Getting animals into your yard can be very rewarding not to mention the plants that you can grow in a pond.

Tree Troubles

Trees can be tricky to grow and not only that when they grow to full size what do you do with it then?

Vegetables and Fruit

Nothing is more rewarding than to go into your own garden that you have created and tended and bring in the bounty from your own gardening efforts.

Compost and Fertilizers

One of the main aims of any gardener is to prepare the soil for your planting. This means the correct amount of fertilizers and type of soil so that your plants will flourish and give you a good harvest.

Let’s Bring Nature Into Your Home

Nature can make your home and garden beautiful


A couple of video clips to inspire you

planting seedlings
Planting seedlings, click to view
Hedge clipping